7+ web-based coding platform that integrates educational video gaming, coding curriculum + IOT modular devices for endless design thinking exploration.


01 ► Refresh Your "Senses"


02 ▼ Opportunity

Unlike most educational coding products on the market, designing an integrated, web-based platform is not about just making learning fun, focusing on one aspect of engineering, or the ease of plug-n-play devices; real learning happens in an environment that provides real world problems with a curriculum that adapts to each student's learning style.


Even with a company with diverse methodologies and professional backgrounds, I successfully inspired the entire organization to pivot from teaching young learners coding to instilling them with the ability to think and problem solve like engineers and designers do. Developing in tandem as a whole company, my product leadership championed us becoming a trendsetter in this space by changing what experiences sell.


03 ► Platform Offerings

A design thinking platform with well-rounded curriculum, modular hardware and IOT coding that immerses young learners in a dynamic world full of charismatic, confidence boosting characters and limitless building of real-world inventions.