HOW TO USE: Plug the USB cord into any computer device, launch the web portal, and become immersed in a world of narrative-based problem solving & prototyping.


A "hands-on" prototyping platform for those who want to learn how to create how they play.


This hex based modular kit is all about developing kid’s critical thinking skills & confidence in problem solving. The non-tolerance based fit pieces reduce failure rate. And the blueprint forces kids to troubleshoot on their own. 



Learn about the PiperLab Portal: narrative-based lessons, coding projects, & prototyping IDE all in one.

R & D. 

To complete this project, I directed a team composed of designers, software engineers, animators, and educational specialists.

DESIGN PRINCIPLES: Charismatic Tools. Modern Tactile. Retro Lite.


In 3 months, I used qualitative market research & iterative, rapid development to successfully produce the controller in time for the drop-dead manufacturing date.

In the 1st month, I conducted in-home interviews, classroom visits, & a deep analysis of the current state of the STEAM landscape to identity the key positions for Piper in the marketplace.

2nd month, I developed a wide range of concepts based on that positioning. Piper selected the game controller because of its high approval rating.

With the final month, I ran a month long rapid prototyping cycle. Each week, I designed a new form, tested with a classroom full of students, and revised.